Enriching Students

At Countryside Montessori, our teachers and staff are committed to enriching students’ formative years.  We believe that nurturing and educating children plays an integral role in the overall health of our families and communities.

Stimulate curiosity & exploration

  • To stimulate a child’s curiosity and exploration of the natural world and various subjects including science, math, English, history and the arts
  • To build a strong foundation for a child’s present as well as continuing education  
  • To provide a safe, positive, and culturally sensitive learning environment in which a child is free to create, thrive, and excel

Cognitive, motor, & social skills

  • To develop cognitive, motor, and social skills applicable to the classroom and home
  • To allow a child to learn at his/her own pace while also learning to embrace challenges  
  • To immerse a child in a world of learning and exploration

Responsibility, leadership & respect

  • To promote healthy living through outdoor recreation and play
  • To instill a sense of civic responsibility and leadership
  • To foster a child’s sense of self-worth and respect for him/herself as well as for others
  • To fill a child’s day with fun and interactive activities
  • To engage a child with peers, teachers, family, and community